Anyone with irregular teeth, crowded teeth, overlapping teeth or one with gap in between should go for braces treatment. Irregular teeth are difficult to clean and may contribute too many problems like tooth decay, gum diseases, trauma to the soft tissues, bad odour and many more. Braces treatment improves your dental health by proper alignment which indeed can boost your self-esteem. Braces treatment can be done at any age. Early diagnosis and treatment can guide erupting teeth and developing jaws into a more favourable position and shortens treatment time. It reduces the likelihood of fracturing protruded front teeth while playing. It may even provide advantages that are not available in the adulthood.

The treatment also helps eliminating bad habits like thumb sucking. It improves speech by correcting tongue position in mouth.

Types of braces

Stainless steel braces: These are metal braces which are commonly used.

Tooth coloured braces: It is less noticeable than S.S braces 

Invisible braces: These braces are places on the inside surface of the teeth, so they are not seen. 

Coloured braces: For fashion lovers, who actually wants to be noticed, colourful braces are the right choice for them. They come in the variety of fun loving options to suit your mood. 

Invisible Aligners (No Braces Orthodontic Treatment): It is the invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. It is a clear removable aligner to straighten your teeth without metal braces/ wires. It won’t disrupt your lifestyle and people won’t notice you are undergoing any treatment.

Braces treatment is a long term procedure requiring 6 months to some years.